Winters Back ??

After work today I lit the wood burner it was cold and rainy all day I am almost out of wood I should have enough I figure I have 2 weeks left if I conserve I usually fire it up in the AM but tonight I had to use it again I do have gas furnace for heat but I just hate having that big gas bill I have heard people with as much as a $300.00 bill just for one month I still pay for heat this year I was lazy and bought my wood already split I used 2 dunp truck loads so I actually have $400.00 invested in winter heat but still it is cheaper and I really like using wood heat I have a small house so a small free standing wood burner heats the place up nicely and I hate to be cold…

Deb stopped down after work (Girlfriend) we have not talked for 2 weeks things just are not working out we broke it off tonight it was sort of a mutal thing we still went out for dinner and were civil, It is just the Chemestry was not there I think, plus she has a tendency to push and try to rush along the relationship that was not working for me with the stress of the job it was just getting to be too much it had to be done. I had Shrimp Alfredo(Apologys to Dr Atkins) for dinner it was great I love seafood now I feel so stuffed and lazy I did bring in wood for morning but that is about it I have a couple loads of laundry calling me from the basement but it will have to wait I have clothes for work in the AM so I will get back on that horrible job tomorrow…

I went to the vet office and gave my daughter the deposit for vacation this summer (She works there) we are going on a weekend horseback riding trip it is up near Wellsboro by PA Grand Canyon we ride about 8 hours up into the mountains then Camp will be set up for us and dinner will be cooked we spent a little bit more for the comfort it sounds like it will be a blast a couple years ago I went up to New York to a Dude Ranch for a week that was fun I love
horseback riding, I think it is sometime in July I guess I better find out and mark it on my callander

Enjoy Life