Wet Wednesday

It has rained all day today and never got to be over 50 degrees and that seems to be the way it will be all week, People are bailing at work our book keeper quit and we have a temp in I know I should be patient because she needs time to figure things out but… I turned in my mileage log over a week ago and I went up today to check on it and she told me she put it in my interdepartmental mail box on Monday well I know for a fact I had no mail on Monday, or Tuesday, or Today, I told her I had no mail or check and all she said was she put it in my box, Now it is $180.00 that is a lot of money not to mention the wear and tear on my truck, I was so pissed, I did a couple other things then called my GM and told him for a change he was good about it and said he would stop payment on the check and issue me a new one then about 1/2 later the temp called me on my cell and said she found my check mixed up with mail for another garageI said that could not be because you put it in my mailbox she said I thought I did, At this point I decided to be nice and said thank you, I must be patient she is a temp and she will catch on….

I finished up my laundry tonight I have a fire going on it is toasty in here. Mom called me today she made an appointment with an attorney she wants to give me Power of Attorney over Dad if anything happens to her I agreed I am not sure of this I am anxious to talk to the attorney……

other than being wet all day and the crap with my mileage money it was rather uneventfull it is always good to be done with Wednesdays hopefully Thursday and Friday will go by fast and the rain holds off for Races Friday Night it will be cold but we always have a good time I love dirt track raceing, last Friday was opening night they raced till about 10:00 it started to rain and they called it after 8 laps of the Sprint Feature race but at least we got some raceing in and it was not too awfully cold.
Damn now I am craving Chocolate Cheese Cake Thank you Bobbi LOL

Enjoy Life

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