better weather

It is Tuesday much warmer than the weekend and beginning of the week I got home from work a little early today 3:30 to be exact sometimes I get to do that I guess it is about the only advantage to being paid salary instead of hourly…

I went with Mom today for her to make some adjustments to her will and for me to sign the power of attorney papers I also made out my own will I thought I might as well that way I can be sure all my belongings will go to the girls I was surprised the inheritance tax in Pa is only 4.5% I thought it was much more that is still a lot but what are you going to do. After we got done there we went out to lunch I had a hot Sauasage sandwich it was sooo big I brought 1/2 of it home but it was delish so I already eat the leftover so my eating is done for the day…

A friend of mine went on a cruise and brought me back *peeks out the window looking for dark colored 4 door sedan lurking* 2 cartons of cigarettes for 31.50 what a deal that was less that 1/2 price I was pretty happy with that I like when good things happen for a change.

Weight loss is still going good although it has slowed down a bit but I think that is a good way to lose it I weigh 176 now a far cry from 202 but I still have a long way to go my perfect weight according to what I have read is 154 so I still have some work to do….I miss Cheese cake ;-(

Enjoy Life
Tim 😉