Night at the races

Friday was a good day i got up at 4:30 AM that was not easy my friends showed up at 5:30 instead og 5:15 but we still got there in time and had a good breakfast and the speaker was great he is an ex Navy fighter pilot and now motivational speaker he really kept my attention which is rare at that hour of the morning, After that I went to work there was no school so not a whole lot going on I did a couple jobs I needed to get done while the buses were all sitting then I came home at 2:20 I was so tired I took a small nap and woke up with the nastiest headache it really hurt this is unusual as I don’t get too many headaches so I finally took 3 Advil and laid down again and it ended up going away. so by 5:00 I was getting ready to head out and my neighbor stopped with an estimate for the lane repair *sigh* just what I needed here where I live 4 house share a lane to get to each of our houses it is a right away actually it is an old main highway anyhow the estimate is for $3800.00 to be shares 4 ways it does need done but this is not a good time for me to lay out another $1000.00 I went ahead and signed off on it and told her I will figure out a way to pay so this month so far I need $1000.00 for the lane, $700.00 for my bike insurance, and $500.00 for uncle Sam since I live alone the government feels it needs to take a whole lot more of what little money I have = $2200.00 it never seems to end, I really don’t have to pay for the lane as it is a right a way but to keep peace with the neighbors I will pay they all needed agreements for their mortgage to keep the lane updated but I did not have to have one but I still feel obligated….

The races were good no rain so the entire race was ran it did get cold though I wore a sweatshirt, heave coat, gloves, and i took my old tatered sleeping bag with all that I was comfy I hate to be cold I got home around midnight and decided to light the fire and stay up for a couple hours to watch some TV then I was off to bed around 2:30. This morning I was up at 7:00 and just loafed around I cleaned up a bit then took a shower now I am going to to Kmart for a few supplies…

Enjoy Life
Tim 😉