Another week

Well Easter is over for another year it was a pleasant day I ate too much as usual it was good to see the girls and grandkids, Dad seems to be doing good he was up with us all day and ate a good dinner it was nice to see him feeling good….

It rained all day today and the same for tomorrow but light at the end of the tunnel this weekend it is looking like sunny and warm so we know what I am going to be doing so I hope the weather idiots are correst I really need to get out and ride…

Tonight I found all my tax stuff and tomorrow night I am going to do it I hope all I have to pay again is $400.00 like last year it usually takes about 2 hours I always do it on line and of course since I pay I wait till the last minute no sense giving them their money till I have to..

It never got above 40 degrees out today so I decided to light a fire after work but of course I did not have what little wood I have left covered so it was wet fortunatly I had a little bit of dry wood inside so that was enough to get it going then I bought in a nice pile and it is now dry I will be glad when I don’t have to mess with the fire but then I will be bitching about it being too hot some people just can’t be pleased I guess…

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉