Done !!!

My Taxes are finally done I had planned on doing them yesterday but I had forgotten about a dinner I had to go to Yes I cheated Dr Atkins, But before the dinner I came home from work at 4:00 to shower and change and I got a call from the shop I just left that one on the mechanics got hurt, this guy who called me is always joking around so I did not believe him at first then he said the ambulance is on it’s way I said Ok and went back just as I was getting to the garage I saw the flashing red lights, Sure enough he did get hurt but not all that bad he cut the top of his head and it was bleeding but not all as bad as everybody acted they all over reacted I just wish I would have stayed a couple more minutes I would have just taken him to the band aid center myself he just needed 2 staples in his head he was back to work and all better today…

I started my taxes as soon as I got home today and to my dismay I owed $751.00 I was expecting only about $400.00 like last year I had enough to pay it but just barely at least payday is Friday I still have $55.00 to last till then but my bike payment is due Monday LOL it never ends I will have enough I will just have to pay my bike insurance in 2 payments instead of all at once, I had to use my big computer for all these taxes and stuff so I could print it I ususaly use my laptop out in the kitchen this old girl resisted a little bit it has been a while since I had booted it up but after some coaxing she agreed and we got it all done…

One of the guys I work with who is also getting laid off in june had an interview after work today with another company it did not turn out too well and he was a little down so I took a break and we went down the road and had a couple beers and i bought him dinner I guess just to talk to him and let him know everything will work out Ok He said he wanted to go where I was going because I don’t seem worried about it, Well,I am I just don’t show it because they all look to me for reassurance Hell I don’t have a clue as to what I am going to do I am just good at making a shitty situation look good or at least reassuring them it is not the end of the world….

Well I am beat and going to go to bed…Night Night

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉