Another Tuesday

The nice weather has been holding up quite well I am sooo happy winter is over I guess the older I get the harder winter is on me.

I was talking to a driver today and he told me about his son who got laid off and went back to school and being a displaced worker he had all kind of financial help he is going to get me the persons name to talk to at the unemployment office. I have been looking inot schooling for the last year but it just seemed so hard with my bills and full time school and it just seemed like too much but any more that is all I can think about I found a school in Pittsburgh but i dread driving into town everyday but this school I found is not all that far away from me so I am going to follow through. I first got this idea one evening when I was stressing over the job ending I was driving home at night and I realized all the houses have electricity, What better profession to be in but residential electric everybody needs it and has it so at that point I made up my mind even at my age I think it is going to be a good move and with being laid off I can collect unemployment while I am going to school…

I got my mower deck on Sunday and my tractor serviced and ready for mowing my new grass is starting to come up I have these 3 big maple trees in my front yard and when the leaves come out the grass dies, every spring I replant it and by July it begins to die by August it is all gone but by then I am sick of mowing then the leaves fall it is just a vicous cycle…

That is all that has happened since Saturday, Friday I have an appointment with the attorney to sign all the legal papers for Mom’s Power of Attorney then that will be done and out of the way..

Enjoy Life
Tim 😉