catching up

Now that we are working again Friday Night was the Late model Outlaws it was a great race we had a lot of fun I have never seen the track so crowded they made a gang of money Friday Night that’s for sure we all bet on the races on a usual Friday it is only $1.00 per race but being this was a special ocasion we bet $2.00 on each heat race I won the first one they had 6 heat races that was the only one I won then we all put in $5.00 for the Feature race but insead of taking turns picking we put the top 9 car numbers on a hat and all took turns pulling numbers I got #1 it did not look good till the last 3 laps the entire race my guy ran 3rd then he pulled it together and passed the 2 leaders and won the damn race I won $45.00 Too cool.

We had to work for a couple hours this morning so I bought breakfast it was the least I could do then got our work done and I took off on my Heritage it was sunny and 66 degrees it was great I had to go to Mom’s to take care of some leagl business then we went on into town for lunch I took my time getting home it was a beautiful day out, Summer is for sure here I mowed today I was dreading since as soon as you start it never seems to end but it was nice even mowing I hate winter…

I was totally out of food so after the sun went down I went to Giant Eagle to stock up they had Strawberrys on sale buy one get one free so I bought 2 and a container of Strawberry Cool Whip and a container of regular they were good Strawberrys too I ate almost a full container already, I got home to start putting my stuff away and here was a package of Dutch Loaf in my bag I never bought Lunch meat but I like it so another bonus I almost went and took it back but I figure heck with it I will just keep it after all I spent $75.00 on food..

I am going to watch Space Cowboys and try to get some laundry done tomorrow is going to be cold and raining so I am going to try to get my truck fixed she is not making any heat it is not overheating so that rules out the thermostat I but in a Temp control valve I am going to try to flush out the heater Core but there are so many switches and crap under the hood it is hard to tell without a repair manual that will be the next step it flushing does not do the job..

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉