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From: JanuaryGirl
Date Posted: 26 Apr 2004
Jeez.. This question game is EVERY WHERE!! LOL. Though it’s definitely insightful. Good for you, stepping up and making sure your girls were ok. State care is NOT fun. I’m glad they had you to keep them safe.

1) What attracts you to a person initially? (NOTE: I mean a person in general, not a sexual attraction)
2) Do you think the eyes are the windows to a person’s soul?
3) Which of your five senses are most important to you?

Answer #1 What attracts me most on first contact with people is how they speak and carry on a conversation, I don’t care for people who try to dominate the conversation and constantly inturrupt this to me means they do not listen and the best way to get to know someone is to listen to them..
Answer #2 Yes the Eyes are without a doubt the window to the soul I like to look into a persons eyes when I talk to them if they look away or not look back into my eyes it makes me wonder what they are trying to hide Eye contact is very important to see into a person….
Answer #3 I am sure people have their different opinion on which senses are most important and if you lose one the others become stronger, However to me Sight is the most important I think losing another Sense would be easier to adjust to if you can see what is going on, Just ask the guys I work with I am Anal about wearing safety glasses…

Tim 😉

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