Snow ???

Well if the 40 some temp was not enough today around 2:00 we saw Hail and a good bit of it also now it is down to 38 degrees I do have a fire going on but my wood supply is so low I am not sure I will have enough for morning but at least I will be toasty tonight they are calling for a low of 29 tonight with snow then a high of 80 on Friday what is that all about ??? To Whom it may concern MY TRUCK IS COLD please give me summer….

I got my scanner attached to my big computer I have so many plugs in my strip I needed to unplug something to plug in the scanner so after about 3 seconds of thought I unpluged my Treadmill 😉 Oh No now I can’t run tomorrow morning LOL I am so broken up, and since I upgraded I will be posting what I think are some interesting pictures I still have not figured out how to make a link on the left upper side to go straight to my photo album but I will keep working on that I am sure I will figure it out, I have tons of pictures to put in there….

What i thought was going to be an unenventfull day turned out better than I thought they had a drivers appreciation dinner at one of the garages so after i took care of some important business I attended it was great they had it catered there was mixed veggies, Scallaped potatoes, your choice of stuffed pork chops, of stuffed Chicken Breast(I chose Stuffed Porkchops)Roll and a nice sized bowl of fresh Fruit, Punch and 2 huge cakes I had chocolate of course. I had forgotten that i ordered a Spagetti dinner the local church has every year they deliver it is so good but I just brought that home for dinner but it was so big i could only eat 1/2 Sooo I don’t have to cook dinner again tomorrow 😉

[album 78237 heritage2.jpg]

This is my Heritage I bought it last year April 5th i spent the extra money and got the Gold Key package I love this bike after all the years of my Sportsters and my old Shovel I never knew what comfort was till I got this one of course some of my old time friends are not too happy me going Brand New but I don’t care I love it and it is a whole new riding experience…

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

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