Answer to AOs guestions

From: AnneOakley
Date Posted: 29 Apr 2004
Hi ya!

I have 3 Questions for you…

1) How many tattoo’s do you have?
2) How many piercings?
3) How many times a day to cuss-word’s fly outta of your mouth?

Answer #1 I have 6, 2 on each arm and 2 on my back got to keep balanced It has been a while so I am due after a while I forget how painfull it is it will all come back to me soon enough here..
Answer #2 None
Answer #3 An exact amount of times is hard to say I guess it depends where I am, In the garage with the guys I can cuss like a champ, When I am in my office never a one I deal with the public at times so it is better not to at all to not offend anybody, My image is a direct reflection in the Company as a whole. around my parents Never, I guess I am flexable depending on who I am around.

Enjoy Life
Tim 😉

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