Another week

Well last weekend certainly was nice although I blew all day Saturday Mowing and doing yard work I made up for it Sunday I backed out the bike and cleaned it up nicely but it was early so I took a shower and changed and got ready to go soon after that Crissy stopped to pick up the flower and here I went out and all the pollen from my big Maple trees covered my bike little white spots all over a black bike is ugly I was so discusted I just took off some of it blew off but the rest I had to clean after I got home I figured I better not leave it there all I need is nasty stains to deal with….

We had a nice cookout I of course was the chief and I grilled some bang up burgers and hotdogs they were delish and I think I ate too much but the food was so good here is Sam and Alex enjoying dinner (my grandkids)
[album 78237 samalex.JPG]
I did not do much after I got home I had to turn on the AC but the oddest thing it would not cool off in here it usually cools off quickly being so small and all the shade trees I went in the bathroom and opened the window and I felt hot air blowing up LOL Here some good advise when using AC first time of the year it works much better if you turn off the furnace LOL I had to laugh at myself for doing something so dumb so after I turned off the heat it cooled of quickly and worked like it should. I took all my house plants outside they are happy I have a I think it some sort of rubber tree plany I had it in my bedroom all winter next to an East window I did not realize it grew toward the window and leaned badly when I took it out in the yard so I had to actually stake it so it will straighten up and not fall over…..

It rained all day today it started out warm I left for work without a coat then the rain started and it cooled off so I got my coat then it quit raining and warmed back up now it is 81 degrees I Love Spring…..Off to do laundry…

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉