Odd Weather

This week has been really strange weather one minute it is sunny and hot the next it is raining like hell very off Yesterday just as I got off work it started to rain so I decided time for the dreaded laundry I hate laundry but at least all I need to do is go to the basement better than the laundrymat I hate laundry mat so bad I have 2 washers and 2 dryers LOL that is being prepared I did 3 loads and I found there are 3 types of laundry and they are all a pain in their own ways First whites I found it takes 4 trips from washer to dryer because i can’t carry an armload of the small stuff, So second worse is jeans I have a collection of change and an assortment of papers that I have to remove from all the pockets the money is not bad but I just hate checking all the pockets, third worse is shirts mainly Tee Shirts not bad to wash but I hate hanging the dried stuff on hangers, So there is my reason for hating laundry LOL a necessary evil I guess I just wanted to complain a bit about it…

Tonight there was a Snap On tool show at Days Inn in Butler the Snap On dealer was selling tickets for $20.00 they were giving genuine OCC clocks or so they said so everybody from the shop was going to I went I was so disapointed all it was a Snap On clock and battery operated I don’t like it So Crissy came by after I came home and liked it so I gave it to her she was happy with it, On the bright side the Snap On Chopper was there
[album 78237 OCC1.jpg]
And all they had there to show was a lot of tool boxes and some real expensive equipment so after I took my pictures I was bored I took one of my Co Workers with me so I said I was ready to go so we went and had dinner I had a Rubin Sandwich and fries with Gravy delish but now I am so full I think I am going to burst…..

Tomorrow i have an interview with New Castle School of Trade about my new carreer choice classes Start the third week of August I should be getting laid off the end of July so this will all work out I am going to check on assistance for displaced workers and if I can find a part time job and work while I go to school I will be able to save enough to keep the bills paid till I finish I think the Electrician course lasts 60 weeks I should be able to stretch unemployment for 52 weeks then hopefully I will have enough saved to get me thought the remainder of the course but the first step is tomorrow I will get more details…

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉