Friday Night Races

We tried to get the races in all went well till around 8:30 then it started to rain then it quit then really started to rain a lot of people started to leave and someone said they were cancelled this was around 9:00 everybody in the box was just going to stay and drink and wait it out I decided to leave I was so tired today was a long day we did get a few heat races in the, after I got home one of the guys called and said they were going to try to start to race but I decided not to go I just want to crawl into bed..
[album 78237 races.jpg]
My Interview with the trade school went good I passed the pre entry test and i qualify now all I need to do is work out the financing I want to go to Carreer Link they help people out that are laid off with grants and that sort of thing I am going Monday and talk to them the course is 60 weeks 5 hours a day and costs $15,000 A lot of money but I will recieve an Associates Degree in Electrical Technology so step one is out of the way step 2 is figuring out how to pay for it if I need to I will just take out a student loan but hopefully there is some way I can get help with the displaced worker program, so I am not going to wait I am going to begin persueing it right now and of course I am counting on getting laid off as I need the unemployment to live on and pay the bills, I should get laid off the end of July and School starts August 25th so it is hopefully going to fall into place….

Tomorrow Mom and I are going to go shopping for my new bathroom we have it all measured and know exactly what we need I just have to make a decision on the faucets I will find some that match the sink it is going to a lot of work but will be well worth it when it is all done I will post a picture of course, Now I am going to go to bed ….

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉