Saturday was a busy day Mom and I took off early first stop was Lezzers where we ordered the wall board I wanted and I ordered a nice cermaic shelf for above my petastole sink, then we had to stop for lunch, Stuffed Meatloaf, garlic mashed potatoes and salad, Next off to Lowes where we picked up the shower stall, faucets, drain, and the new light for the ceiling, Next stop was Home Depo where we bought the shower stall door, Then home to unload it all, Crissy was here when I got home and she wanted to go see Van Helsing so Off to the movies I went it was a pretty good show if you like that sort of movie I did not care too much for the ending but I guess you can’t have it all…

Sunday Morning I got up and had a bug for a new window in the bathroom if I am going to the whole room I might as well do it all, Now I found the window I wanted it was $75.00 so I bought it now I am not a carpenter but I try after almost all day Sunday I finally got it to my satification then I removed the shelf that was in the way of the shower stall and temporarily installed the stall to see it came past the door frame 4 inches soooo new smaller door and extend the wall out 4 inches nothing is easy I was going to tackle that job tonight but decided I had better get the ceiling ready for paint so I did some patching and installed the box for my new ceiling light and after about 10 minutes of sanding I for a bottle of water it is 1000 degrees in the attic so I drank that and decided I had better mow, so mow I did which brings me to right now which I am done for the evening I am tired….

I love summer time..

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

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