Shower Stall

What a weekend this has been I am almost glad it is over I worked way too hard the races were rained out so we all went out for dinner I had a 1/2 rack of ribs which were delish then I got home around 9:30 Friday Night. Saturday Morning I started early I tore the bub out and got started on the shower stall well let me tell you I see why this is a job for the pros so many little problems and my old house it not exactly straight of course I built the wall for the plumming straight so that created all sort of problems but I over came them all Mom came around 10:00 we did a lot of work then went to do some shopping my wall board was in so we picked up that and all the trim and other odds and ends then we had to go out for lunch. We stayed on it till 3:00 them Mom had to go take care of Dad he was due home from dylisis so I worked on the plumming No I can do it but I am not the best with the soldering of pipes when I turned on the water I had 3 leaks so off with the water and I got them fixed we did some work on the old wall board and I did the drain which went quite well then at 7:30 we started on the shower stall door LOL that is not easy expecially when the bathroom wall was not straight we got it goos enough that I got my shower at 10:00 PM I was so tired I showered and passed out in bed..

This morning I took care of a couple small drips in the water pipes I got the door figured out and on the way it should be sort of, thank goodness for trim, then I decided I had better mow since the weather people think it is going to rain all the rest of the week and did some trimming with the trusty week eater there is still all the electrical work plus the floor and walls to do we will wotk on that a little bit every night but the big job was she shower stall and it is done and working perfect.

Now I am going to watch some TV and relax it will be nice to get back to work and get rested up LOL…

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

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