Long Week

The bathroom job is moving along, Slow but moving along, Tuesday was the outlaw race at the track it was nice to get a break and get away the evening was beautiful not a drop of rain for a change. We put the new door on last night only it was not just changing the door we took the entire frame down and started from scratch it took 3 hours and it fits good I put the knob and latch on tonight and finished tearing up the old floor now Saturday we will start to put the wall board on…

One of the 2 garages I work at is for sure sold that means I have to have it shut down and be out of it by June 30th should not be too hard but i don’t know about the other shop there is someone looking at it but nothing definate as soon as I find out I will have my shut down date there also. 2 other shops will still be open but not enough vehicles to warrant a Maintenance supervisor so I turned down both mechanic jobs it would have been a heck of a pay cut that is when I decided on the carreer change. I guess after the shops are shut down I am going to Connecticut for around 6 weeks to help with a new start up then I will be laid off the second week of August with will work out perfect for the start of school which will be August 25th…

We had a picnic at the big garage there was so much food I ate way too much in fact I have not even eaten dinner and don’t plan on it either I am still full, my legs kind of hurt so I just want to take a shower and go to bed and get tomorrow over with then 3 nice days to get a lot done Oh Mom asked me if I wanted to cancell Saturday and go riding I said no I better concentrate on getting that room done there will be plenty of time to play so I told her it was up to her if she wants to take a break fine if not we should stay at it I just want it done

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

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