Too Much Time

This is What happens when you:

1) have nothing to do

2) own a sharp knife

3) have a large lime

4) own a patient cat

5) drink too much tequila

6) and it’s football season?

[album 78237 pic310801.jpg]
I Miss Football !!!!! But it is a beautiful day out..

Enjoy Life
Tim 😉

Another week

Yesterday started out really nice it was 71 degrees at 8:00 AM I enjoyed my coffee on the porch but it was not to last. I had planned on going on the ride up to Tionesta but the weather did not agree by lunch time it was down to 50 degrees and raining and just turned into a totally crap day. I just pretty much stayed in and watched the race then a friend called well his wife called and they were planning on a cookout for his birthday so I went over there till around 9:00 then came home and vegged for the rest of the evening but the cookout was good lots of great food and really tasty cake we ate inside of course…

This morning I was up at 5:00 AM as usual and it was freezing I had turned off my furnace so it was almost 50 degrees in here by the time I got up I guess that is why I was so wide awak so early I turned on the furnace thank goodness the pilot was still lit by the time it warmed up it was time to get dressed and get off to work. It stayed cold all day in fact when I came home from work I built a fire it is still burning but I have no wood left for morning maybe it might be a goot time to try to sleep in I usually don’t start work till around 8:00 but always get up early around 5 or 5:30..

I brought in my newly planted flowers as it might frost tonight isn’t that the pits May and frost However this should be the last and the long range forecast says Sunday should be nice and warm, I am glad I don’t have my veggies in yet or I would be out there with plastic trying to keep them all covered. I made tuna and egg salad for dinner I am getting pretty low on supplies expecially coffee I am not going to run out of my coffee but hopefully I will have enough to last till payday Damn insurance just took most of my last paycheck..

Enjoy Life
Tim 😉

It is done

Last night we almost got to race we got to see maybe 3 heat races then it started to rain and after about 1 hour when it would not quit the finally called it too bad I hate when that happens but who knows with this weather we still have a long racing season at least it was warm…

I met Mom at the funeral home at 9:00 this morning my younger brother was there but he is not much help we sat down to start making all the arraingments he needed all of Dad’s information and what newspapers and radio stations and there was so much more we got through it all till it was time to decide on the casket this is when Mom started to fall apart I took the book and make the decision I decided on a mid priced Dover Oak it is a beauty we still had to go look at it I did not want her to be spending too much time looking at them all the Dover Oak right by the door so it did not take too long and I got her out of there and that thank goodness was the last step…..

After that I took Mom out to lunch at the Country Buffet it was around 11:00 so it was sort of brunch we had a good time then we went to decide on a shower stall for me I never use the tub and my bathroom is pretty small so I decided to get rid of the tub, and just have a shower stall and a new cubbard for towels and that sort of thing I am also going to move the sink unfortunatly I need to put a smaller door on from the size of the shower stall I went with. After deciding on all that I got some flowers for my potted plants I always hang from my porch I got them planted and hung, I need to watch the weather I am pushing a bit we still could get a frost.

After that I got my mowing done and just hung out on the porch it is so nice that the weather has improved I love summer time..

Enjoy Live,
Tim 😉