Running Water

Well I am so pleased to have running water in my bathroom sink but what a pain that was I had to move the sink to the other side of the room and move the plumbing, the drain was not too bad I just used 3 1/2 inch plastic pipe cut into the shower drain and glued it in the water was another story I had to solder 4 joints in 2 t’s close to the shower pipes and cap it off at the other end where the sink used to be I did that and turned it on LOL it leaked like the Titanic it was horrible and once you put water to it the water must all be removed before a good solder can be made well I finally after 2 hours got the leaks all stopped and decided to finish it with plastic pipe much easier, so I drilled the holes in the floor for the pipes to come up through and sure enough it was right on top of a beam in the basement another hour to figure that problem out, and now it is all working great….

Work was sad today everything is being boxed up and equipment is being shipped out all my memories of the last 23 days are leaving I got my notice that the garages are going to be shut down June 30th but I think I will be working till August there is a new start up in Conecticut so I am thinking I will be working up there which is a good thing that gives me another 6 weeks of pay before i need to start with the unemployment I will have about a week between getting laid off and school starting so I guess a nice little vacation…

I realized when I got home from work today that the kitchen was bare I had not gone shopping for a long time so I went to Giant Eagle and stocked up came home made dinner then I got some of my bedroom cleaned and vacumed and another load of laundry I am so far behind on stuff around here but on the bright side the bathroom should be done this weekend then I can get back to normal…

Enjoy Life
Tim 😉

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