Nothing is easy

I stopped in Career Track Yesterday to inquire about financial help for my schooling First off I found out I am only eligible for 26 weeks of unemployment being school lasts for 60 weeks I need to do some serious thinking about my finances I can barely live on what I will get on unemployment so that means a part time job no big deal really there are plenty around my big problem is what to do after unemployment runs out I will be getting around $5000.00 in back vacation pay that will help possibly Severance pay since I have been at this job for 23 years I may get something but I am not counting on it so I have about $13,000.00 in my 401K hate to cash that in. I am going to the back and see if I can increase my line of credit on my house I owe $24,000 and my last apprasial was $60,000.00 so I should get some extra there and it depends on how much exactly I get on unemployment and how much my part time job pays I just have to wait and see I will be eligible for a grant for $5000.00 toward school but I can’t get that till I am unemployed which will not be till the second wek of August that leaves me with a Student loan for $10,000 which I guess I can’t complain since I just recently bought a $20,000.00 Harley so spending $10,000 on my education is well worth it but that was when I had good money coming in but one thing I will not do is sell my Bikes I will figure out a way all in all things still look like they will work out It’s just that nothing is Easy..

All that is left in the bathroom is the trim work which will not take too long I am really happy with the way it turned out…

I finally backed my bike out and cleaned it up and went for a nice long ride it do my a lot of good to get my knees in the breeze again at least till the thunder storm showed up and chased me back home and I see another is on it’s way but what the heck it is better than snow….
Enjoy Life
Tim 😉