Good Morning, I was rudely woke up with a call on my cell at 6:00 AM from the people from Philadelphia coming to pick up 5 pieces of equipment I did not get there in time to answer and they did not leave a message I never called back the buses are still in the lot so they have not gotten into town yet but I am up and already been up to check and make sure they all start I am going to try to find someone else to stand by my phone for me so I can go for a ride Vickie called me last night to check again they are riding up to Erie, Damn I want to go hopefully I can find someone if not I am going to call the St Louis people and see how they are making out if they are too far away and will not make it till Monday I will be good to go,

I also am a little stressed with a small tooth ache I woke up with this morning that is all I need So I had better get a denist appointment here fast I think I will be going to Conecticut July 12th and will be pretty much working there till August 13th so whatever I need to get done here I better get it taken care of as my insurance ends also on August 13th I am sure after that I will be able to find something cheap enough to hold me over till after school which speaking of school I still need to get ahold of them and arraing financing I know I better get busy on that I have been so tied up here with work I keep forgetting but I think there is still plenty of time at least I hope so, I will call them first thing Monday morning and get it taken care of….

Bertha has a problem with irinary track infections and she has to take medication for it everyday I ran out of medicine a couple weeks ago and kept forgetting to get it when she gets that infection she has to pee a lot and has to be let out several times a day I got her meds refilled but a little too late she had an accident while I was in New York Crissy comes to feed her and let her out but she did not get to go out enough so I had one heck of a time with the smell short of renting a scrubber to scrub the carpet last night at Giant Eagle I found “Arm & Hammer Vacuum Free Carpet Deodorizer” it did the job nicely my next step was a carpet scrubber so I lucked out and poor Bertha’s infection is all better now I am thinking maybe I should put her in a Kennel while I am in Conecticut it would be much better for her and less work for Crissy I will check Monday morning on the price..

At 11:00 I am going to the Runway resturant with Mom and Aunt Linda for Brunch they have a great Brunch there and Aunt Linda is going back to Arizona Monday I had a job offer for Surprise Arizona that is close to where she lives and she would have liked for me to move out there and I do love Arizona but still decided to stay here….

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉