Mid Week

Well it sure has been a busy and stressfull week for me I will be glad when it is over and I have a 3 day weekend we are finally getting all the equipment moved to where they should be We need to be completly out of the one big garage by friday and my main shop by the 15th it is all coming together but so sad, A girl from the IS department is in town to set up a couple computers and remove the hard drives from some of the existing ones, The phones are no shut off as the DSL lines are removed the full time people are done today we had a little get together for dinner again a sad thing. Oh the girl from IS her name is Kimra, she is from Kansas I think I have a little crush on her LOL it has been a long time for me she is such a pretty little thing but she is only here till Friday so it is just something I will keep to myself but I sure do enjoy being around her…..

I got my date for Conecticut I am leaving July 12th and will be working out there till August 13th we are flying out so we will be home every weekend I think in a way I will also be glad when that is done and I am home for good but what the heck it in another month of paychecks and I will need to hold off on collecting unemployment till the very last minute….

Being the holiday weekend I have been invited to 2 different partys so with the races Friday night it should be a fun weekend. Going to quit here I am not used to 14 hour days and am way more than ready for shower and bed..

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉