Nice weekend

I decided to go to the party I was invited to instead of the bus demo it ended up being a good party and great fireworks I left right after the show and still did not get home till after midnight. Yesterday I tried out my new Ice Tea maker it is great I have always wanted one and Crissy got me one for Fathers day..

Last night I had a message from a friend wanted to know if I wanted to go for a ride today I had plans to go with another friend but she usually backs out so I called this morning and went I left my house around 9:30 this morning and got back home at 7:00PM we went south to West Virgina to this river side resturant called Pier 12 it was really good food and nice view we had a great time it was just a little over 100 miles down there it is near Mountaineer gameing resort but we did not go there. Next we stopped at Oglby park that was a nice place we hung out there for a while then headed home I was really feeling it on the way home this was my first 200+ mile ride of the year My ass is tired of sitting on that seat and my left wrist was really starting to hurt that is a new one, I never had that problem before, it was getting painfull everytime I worked the clutch but then again it was the first semi long ride of the year I will see how I hold up this weekend we are going again before I leave for Connecticut, I think I will take my Advil with me LOL maybe old age ??. Oh right on the West Virgina border it started to rain we kept running till it started to get pretty heavy so we stopped for rain gear change but it let up and quit raining so the rest of the ride was pleasant.

That is pretty much my day now I am just going to relax the rest of the evening I could not decide on dinner and now it is after 9:00 so the heck with it I have nothing here to cook and don’t feel like going out anywhere I am not all that hungry so I am in for the night

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉