I had my workshop with Career Track today it was a 3 hour workshop on filling out resume’s and making up cover sheets and filling out applications and it covered many other parts of job hunting which I did not exactly need this right now but it is just one of the hoops I need to jump through to get my $5000.00 grant toward my further education I did pay attention and learned a few things I was worth going…

After that a pretty slow day at work I started at 6:00 since one of the guys are off so I finished up around 3:30 so nice I came home and took a nap, after I was rudly awakened by my cell phone I decided to make another picture of Ice tea and do some dishes and get dinner started this is when I realized it was getting hot in here so I found a pair of shorts and tank top when putting my shirt on I could not see here a lense fell out of my glasses *Great* I felt around till I found the lense Now what ?? I have my safety glasses from work outside in the garage they are perscription but my perscription is for bi focals my broken glasses are progressive bi focals and my safety glasses have a line where the bi ends and they give me a headache so I found my way out to the tool boxes and found them what a relief It has to be my lucky day because the screw is till in my glasses but the problem was finding my repair kit with that little screw driver in but I could not find it so back to the tool box and found the smallest screw driver I could and ground it down on the bench grinder till it was small enough to fit the little screw it worked and my glasses are fixed but already I feel a headache coming on from the other glasses but I should not complain they did the job but you can bet I am going to buy 3 of them small tool kits and put them where I will remember where they are…

I am leaving Monday morning for Conecticut so I am starting on laundry I want to be ready way ahead this time so I am not rushing around Sunday night as usual, Dinner is ready ….

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

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