Home Finally

What a week this has been We left my house at 4:30 AM Monday Morning and arrived around 9:20 we waited for a couple people from Chicago to get in then went to the garage to meet everybody have lunch then we had a meeting on how we are going to tackle the conversions that pretty much took up Monday we just had dinner at the Motel..

Tuesday Morning we got started at 6:00 and dove right into the work we got 4 conversions done and finished up at 5:00 went back to the motel changed and went and found this restaurant right next to the water it was not the ocean the part of Connecticut is at the Southern part still right beside the ocean but just little inlets I had fish of course and we did have a nice view of the water then back to the Motel..

Wednesday Morning 6:00 AM back to work we did 5 buses that day and Damn was I tired and I noticed this large tray of corn sitting at the corner of the garage I did not bother to ask then all of a sudden I found out why it was there
[album 78237 squirell.JPG]
He was a cute little guy and I guess it is their pet he or I guess I should say she has a next in the rafters with little ones it was something to see this Squirrel being in the shop just like he owned it..

Thursday was another busy day after work we ate at this restaurant right beside a Marina I has stuffed Swordfish it was great there were so many boats big, Small any kind of boat you could imagine was there.
[album 78237 marina.jpg]
we had originally planned on going to a shipyard to tour some big Navy boats and a submarine but we just could not get off work in time, Maybe next week..

We started early again today and finished up at 2:00 total retrofits 17 for the week I have never worked so hard it was all Work, Eat, Sleep for the whole week Finally I am home all is well here I am just going to rest and do laundry and be off again Monday Morning..

Dad’s operation went good he is home the weather looks good so I am going to break out my girl and ride down to see him I really felt bad not being here but it is important I continue working till the last day before School starts to make the best use of my unemployment..

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉