Weekend again

Finally I am home again for another 2 days the week went by fast and we got tons of work done we retrofitted a total of 36 buses to Connecticut Spect’s in a total of 8 days not all the parts were in so there is still more work to do next week another crew is coming in from the Chicago area so it should be fun working with new people. I did not get near enough sleep after working till 5:00 then cleaning up and going out to dinner then back to the motel to sleep it is hard on the body we did manage to have some fun one evening we got to visit a Submarine museum
[album 78237 subase.jpg]
That was fun we blew off work around 2:00 stopped and ate and drove up the the base about 2 hours away it was a nice break I never got to see the inside of a submarine before even though thee is one in Pittsburgh on the river I never made it down there but this is the Nautilus, the first nuclear powered submarine first launched in 1954
[album 78237 nautilus.jpg]
We tried to have dinner at different places Monday Night we ate at an Italian resturant with a French Waitress LOL Imagine that I thought it was funny I could not hardly understand her accent but the food was great,. Tuesday we had Chinese Buffet I ate till I was ready to explode I love Chinese. Wednesday the dispatcher took up to a private club after the sub museum, it was in a really nasty part of town but was worth it good food and really good people. Thursday our area supervisor took up to his house for dinner his wife cooked a great meal for us and we sat around bullshitting way too late he lives in Springfield so we stayed at a Holiday Inn Express nice motel but I did not get to sleep till almost midnight. Friday was a real treat in the way to the airport we stopped and ate at Hooters LOL and the food ?? Who cares the view was great.
Our flight was delayed about an hour due to bad storms at the airport so we were late getting home I did not have nothing here to make so we stopped at Applebee’s, which really made me late getting home but I slept good. So now I need to get busy I have to do laundry and get my jungle mowed my grass is getting way out of control..
Enjoy Life
Tim 😉