Back to Work

Well I am back in Connecticut the weekend flew by so fast I could not believe it this morning it was raining terribly bad so bad it was one of those rains where you need to run the wipers fast all the way to the airport which is 50 miles from my house and you could not run the right lane because the water would make you hydroplane it was horrible but I made it and still had plenty of time to have breakfast and relax before the plane took off it was bumpy for a while till we got out of the storm then it smoothed out and was a nice flight
[album 78237 plane.jpg]
We got to the shop around 11:30 then went out to lunch and went back and got what we could done the inspectors are coming Wednesday and we hope to get at least 10 buses done and inspected and ready for school I hope it works out, After we got done we came back to the Motel and checked in then went to eat we found this great place by the ocean what a view
[album 78237 ocean.jpg]
We hung out after dinner and I got Swordfish again it was delish and came back to the motel now I am going to take a shower and get to bed big day tomorrow
Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉