Back Home

I am home again at last as my last entry said the flight was Ok and we had a good Monday Tuesday was nothing but work, Dinner, then sleep I can’t even remember where we had dinner Tuesday, Wednesday we worked all day and went to the Chinese Buffet it was good eating Now Thursday the fun started. We worked till 2:15 and needed to go clean up and meet back at the shop at 3:30 there was a big fancy van waiting to take us to New York City, I was never there before so you could imagine how excited I was
[album 78237 statue.jpg]

We could not get close to the Statue of Liberty due to the time factor but at least I did get a picture it was way too cool to see it I was in my glory in that City, Next stop was Ground Zero.
[album 78237 groundzero.jpg]

That place is so sad to see it totally destroyed it is just hard to imagine it the way it was it is sooo big of an area it just tears you up to think of all the people who senselessly lost their life but it was a place I really needed to visit and to say a prayer for all the innocents who are no longer with us……

After that we went to the South Street Sea Port there was a band playing and we went and had dinner there I took a disposal camera so I will have more pictures, after we ate we toured the City, Greenwich Village, China Town, Little Italy, Just so many things there to see we saw Central park, and the Aircraft Carrier Intrepid it was closed so we could not tour it, Oh we was at Times Square, and Trump Tower I went inside and took a picture it is so cool in there I also saw where they do the Today Show. I could go on and on I love New York I want so bad to go back and spend a week there maybe after I finish School I will take some time to go back….

Going to get going I need a shower and to get to bed I can hardly keep my eyes open

Enjoy Life
Tim 😉