Weekend Finally

It is finally the weekend this was a long week we worked 12 hours per day it was exhausting but we had to get a lot of work done, so I don’t have any pictures to add. I did get to come home early my flight left at 3:10 Friday we had to leave the shop at 12:30 at the latest but the inspector showed up at noon to start to inspect we left at 1:00 I got to the terminal 5 minutes before the flight started to board at least I was not late security went fast they did search my carry on bag but other than that I breezed right through, on the bright side I only have one more week of work up there I am done on the 13th then a week off .

I got my release papers from work in the mail actually I got them last Friday when I came home but did not send them back in I will do it this morning as soon as Staples opens I got a return Fed Ex envelope with it so all I need to do is sign it and send it back it is a lot of legal crap and it has to be signed and sent back in before I can receive my Accrued vacation pay and severance pay I did some quick math I should be able to get by without working if I really watch my money but being as I will be done school at 1:00 and home by 2:00 I think I would be smart to find a part time job like 4 hours per day just to keep a little cushion of cash coming in .

I woke up to 50 degrees outside I am not used to this cold all week it was in the 70s in the morning and upper 80s and humid during the day, I was froze this morning sure is a difference in weather between here and there the high is going to be 70 today and 78 tomorrow and no rain ..

Today is going to be laundry and repack for next week I am coming home next Thursday so I will be able to work my last day at my shops here at home I can’t imagine what it will be like to not work for a living but as they say when one door closes another opens so it will work out I am not going to ponder on it just enjoy a lot less stress for a change.

I see my grass is needed mowed again I doubt I will have time to get that chore done I want to go visit Mom and Dad tomorrow Mom spends a lot of time here while I am away cleaning and taking care of Bertha it is nice to come home to a nice clean house. I am off to get my laundry started and veg

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉