Productive Day

I got my banking done and picked up my brake shoes and drums I began to change them and started right off the bat having problems but I did get the right side changed and started on the drivers side I had to Speak to the big man several times LOL on the side it really gave me attitude but I prevailed everything was rusted and froze up finally I got everything loose and lubed up and replaced Now I am pretty well set to get her inspected Monday…

Mom sent me an IM she made a big huge pot of Chili and invited me down for dinner and instructed me to bring a big bowl for left overs LOL I went of course it was delish and I brought plenty home she is so worried about me starving she is so good hearted so no worries about Dinner tomorrow..

Today ended up being a much nicer day it warmed up some and the rain went away but ni bike ride maybe tomorrow, Right now I am done for the evening and enjoying the Steeler Pre Season game.

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

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