Week Off

It has been nice to be off all week I go to bed late and sleep in I was up around 8:00 this morning, put on a pot of coffee, and then laid back down and slept for another hour it has been feeling good with no responsibility but now it is the weekend and time to get back to reality…..

Today I need to go get rear brakes and drums for my truck and get that job done my truck needs inspected by the end of the month I got a lot of work done in my garage so I can finally pull my truck in to get my work done, somehow I lost the registration application things have been so hectic but I thought of it the other night so I applied on line and should be getting it sometime next week so hopefully I will be able to get the inspection out of the way Monday, Tuesday is Orientation then Wednesday School starts…

Friday I got my final Paycheck, Back vacation, and severance pay what is a little upsetting about it is as badly as I am going to need that money the government felt it just needed 30% of it but that is life I guess so I made up my budget for the entire 15 months If I am careful I will be fine even paying my Cobra insurance so I feel a little better now if I get a part time job that is just all the better..

It stormed big time yesterday I mean really bad most of the evening a lot of rain, I went to a picnic with Mom and Dad it did not start till 6:00 but was under cover so the rain did not stop good eats I stayed till around 8:00 by then I had enough the races were rained out and next week will be the end of the race season bummer I missed a lot of races when I was in Connecticut but I guess that is marking the end of summer..

It is almost 10:00 now so time to make a trip to the bank and get busy on my chores
Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

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