Dry Weekend

I decided this morning that my garage needed cleaned up badly so that was my project for the day I pulled both bikes outside surprising I charged the battery on my shovel and it fired right up but much to my disapointment there was a puddle of oil under where it was ideling the more I thought the more it bothered me I could not find a line leaking and it semed to stop so I decded to take it around the block I figured the excess oil was coming from the breather being it has been sitting so long, I rebuilt the engie in 1989 and it has never dripped at least from the engine, So off I go That bike I loved that thing it was so comfortable and ran so good but now that I got used to my Heritage it seemed so small and uncomfortable I could not figure out where to put my feet and kept looking for 5th gear but I finally got home and sure enough I was rght the oil leak stopped it had to have just been from the breather tube. So back on the garage I am such a pack Rat so much stuff needed thrown away finally I got 1/2 of it done and got my Shovel parked in it’s spot for the winter I hve been working on it off nd on all day. One of my big financial worrys has been fire wood for winter I usualy spend around $400.00 for wood but was not too happy about it this year but spend it now or spend it with an outragous gas bil this winter, Then my Daughter Crista stopped by and said her friend Wini, Who hapens to be my neighbor, said I can have her firewood as they don’t plan on burning any this winter so I went and looked at it Damn there is more than enough to get me through all winter was so excited al I have to do is drive about 200 yards load it and bring it here to my house and unload and stack it what a break funny how things seem to work out I will begin that job Monday and work on it a little at a time after school. I did end up taking my big bike out I really needed that I have been plagued with allergys this year for some reason I never had that problem and the ride seemed to have cleared up my head, Now back o work…
Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉