Tuesday was orientation for school it went OK we just went to all our classes and met the teachers I go to 5 different class rooms 1 hour per class it went OK in residential electric theory class which is the last 2 periods of the day we got our books and calculator, that was pretty much my first day.
Wednesday was actually pretty much like Tuesday except residential electric theory class we reviewed 4 circuits just basic home circuits pretty easy except they had to be done according to NEC (National electric code) Spec’s the NEC book is just plain huge that is all I can say about 3 inches think and small detailed electrical codes that must be followed, so last night I had to blueprint the 4 different circuits on paper, color coded and identified according to NEC spec’s I got all those done plus we had to read the first chapter of the Residential electric book only about 25 pages all in all I was done in about 3 hours.
Thursday we took a test in our study skills class we can test out which means if we do 85% or better we don’t have to sit through the class but we still have to be at school , no matter what I scored on the test I will still sit through the class you can never learn enough, 3rd period was Basic Electric class we learned how we need the calculator and how to use it for our applications for example you have a 60 foot electric tower with a 35 foot concrete base and you need to run a guide wire from the top to the edge of the 35 foot base, How much cable do you need ?? He made it very simple, and adding and subtracting fractions is quite simple using this calculator he said there will be a lot of algebra and Trig but he assured us he will teach us all and said we will get it so I am not too concerned. Then we went back to our last 2 classes where they handed out our tools LOL just what I needed more tools.
The one thing that really kind of pissed me off but I did not say anything to her, this young girl was sitting right behind me she is real little and no doubt not a day over 20 years old at first I was impressed that she wanted to become an electrician but I heard her talking to another student she was pissed because this organization or whatever it is funding her education and she was mad because the only one they would fund if the electrical Tech class now I am paying $15,000.00 for my education to better myself and get a good job and it has always been a goal of mine to become an electrician and she is bitching because she is stuck taking this course because that is the only one they would fund, and of course she was the first to bitch because they did not have a set of tools for her and the temp. Ones they gave her were not good enough she wanted her own brand new set. Go figure…GRRRR. She will not finish. So after the tool give away we were assigned 3 more circuits to blueprint tonight only we did not review them we are on our own to complete them. Tomorrow we were told to bring our tools which means we will be working in the lab, building our circuits that we blueprinted and will be graded on neatness of the blueprints and if our circuits work.
I suppose I will get use to the drive the school is an hour away or I should say ¼ tank of fuel round trip I am really burning through the gas I need to get to know some other people in our class and see if someone is close to be so we can car pool that would help some. Classes start at 8:00 so I leave my house at 6:45 so that part is not too bad and getting home at 2:00 is also pretty nice I am used to working 10 to 11 hours a day this is a nice break. I have not bothered with lunch but it am starting to be pretty hungry by lunch time so I am off to the store to get lunch supplies and a spider Man Lunch box LOL.

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

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