Another week over

This week went Ok till Thursday Night it started to rain and we ended up getting I think they said 5 inches it rained hard all day Friday it was a miserable drive home from school I had the wipers on fast almost all the way home roads were starting to flood out but I live in an area where I sit pretty high and no streams around so I had no flood damage but a lot of people did , Crissy and I went out to eat her new boyfriend was not yet home from work and the race season is over so we went and had a nice dinner and got caught up…..

Saturday at the Saxonburg Fire Hall they had what they call Sportsman Fest for $40.00 you get a ticket to get in they raffle off something every 5 minutes mostly guns but there was 2 drawings for $5000.00 each and one for $10,000 and they raffled 4 ATVs I of course did not win a thing, plus you get all you can eat and drink they have so much food and it lasted all day around noon they had a pig roast there was so much pork for sandwiches and potato salad and all kind of goodies then around 4:00 they had wings and fries I stood in line for about ½ hour and they were really disappointing they were over cooked but the fries were good so I got back in the shorter line and had another sandwich and some cole slaw so I had my fill of food I only had a couple beers as the drinking and driving law kind of worries me so I had only a couple early then drank coffee. It was a really good time even though I did not win anything. I got home around 8:00 and just worked on a couple projects for school…

Today I had to go buy a new ink cartridge for my printer I have to do a report for Study Skills class the teacher said we can do it on anything everybody was going to do it on electricity and the light bulb or something pertaining to what we are going to school for but I am doing mine on the Indian Motorcycle I never did a report like this before I think I am about ½ way done it only has to be a minimum 500 words but there is a certain way it has to be set up I am going to do my best it is due the 29th that is the last day of Study Skills class then it is on to Technical Math LOL that sounds like it is going to be a tough one. Anyhow I got my cartridge and some pencils and erasers and batteries for my volt meter which we are going to get into learning how to use it properly next week in Basic Electric class. After that I went to watch the Steelers lose with Dad we were so mad LOL I thought for sure they were going to win, I do love Football season. After I got home I put a load in the washer which needs to get switched to the dryer here soon and made my lunch for tomorrow and got all my stuff packed up and ready so I am going to loaf the rest of the evening…..
Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉
I just found out you can right click a misspelled word in Microsoft Word and it gives you suggestions for a correct one how cool is that LOL….