Monday Night Football

Another weekend is over I did not get much done I had a big test today I did get a lot of studying done over the weekend for that, It was a lot harder than I had thought I think I missed 3 out of 35 I will find out tomorrow I still am not comfortable taking tests, I missed one on my basic math test simply because I answered 13-7 to equal 9 instead of 6 which threw off all the rest of my calculations see it is little dumb things like that which are hurting me and I don’t know why I miss the little easy things like that.
I put a serious dent in my wood pile all that I have here is all cut and split so now all I need to do is stack it and I have maybe 2 of 3 more loads to haul up and once I get that my wood will be done for the winter I am way behind this year I wanted to be done by labor day but that did not happen but I need to get it finished up because my brother is going to be coming soon to get the splitter tonight they are calling for frost so I made room for my big plants in my bedroom which they grew like crazy all summer the room is going to be a little crowded this winter. It is now down to 57 degrees out I had my furnace lit for about a week I need to clean out my chimney before I light the wood burner I think I will also try to get that done tonight……

I am back I got my bedroom cleaned re arraigned and my plants are nice and snug inside and sure enough my brother came to pick up his log splitter I am glad I got everything split that I had here I have some laundry going on my lunch is packed all studying for tomorrow is done and now it is time for Monday Night Football………
Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

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  1. Awwww crap. You’re supposed to clean out your chimneys every year? I’ve got a fireplace for the first time in my life and a small woodpile, but not the faintest idea what to do with either. Want to come clean out my chimney, too? How do you clean out a chimney, anyway? I still have a couple of months before I may need the fireplace, but I’m kind of embarrassed to call a professional and pay for the service when on all outward appearances I am a reasonably-intelligent, able-bodied grown-up.

    Don’t be too hard on yourself regarding the tests. We all make those mistakes from time-to-time. Double-check your work before you get through the entire problem next time, rather than waiting until the end–that might help. Ahhh…tests…such fun!

    Enjoy your time on the couch watching football!

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