Mid November

Our weather has warmed up a bit today it made it above 50 degrees I am starting to accept summer is over I guess because there is no choice School is going good I am on lab project # 47 it is not too complicated just 2 lights controlled my 2, 3way switches and 2, 4way switches, I have the boxes set up and just need to wire it I should have it done tomorrow. We had out second test in NEC (National Electric Code) it is not too difficult yet this is the second test and I did well on both, we cover a chapter and answer 25 questions at the end of the chapter and need to find and write down the code used for the answer as long as you can use the index it is relatively easy, then we go over the questions in class, the way I do it is I first look up the questions and find the answer and the code then read the chapter, Some people just copy the answers from someone else so they have the homework done, well it was obvious who does that because they were the ones who were not finished at the end of the class they just could not find the answers or the codes goes to show you it does not pay to take short cuts I even highlight the codes in the index so they are easier to find for the test Oh and we use the NEC book for the test I have a feeling that if they don’t soon start to do their own work they might be failing NEC. Algebra, Now that has proven to be a challenge for me we had our first test in that class today I will find out how I did tomorrow that is not coming easy to me I finished in plenty of time but rather than turn it in and go outside to smoke like everybody else did I took the time to carefully go over all my problems and double check them I think I did well.
My Aunt Linda was home from Arizona last weekend and we all went out to lunch Saturday it was great to see her again about 4 years ago she invited me to visit for a week, that was the most fun I have ever had I got to see Grand Canyon for the first time and everyday we went to see something different after that things started to fall apart with the job and I never made it back but someday I plan to go there again.
That is all that has been going on in my life just School and homework but I am starting to really enjoy school but that 100 mile drive and the gas is a real killer but in the long run it will be worth it
Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉