Beginning of another week

Saturday Morning Mom called me about 8:30 she was really upset she had talked to Dad and he was refusing dialysis and was insisting on going home so I went down and picked her up and off we went to te hospital she was right he refused dialysis and since it is considered life support he has that option as long as he can make dicisions, Now they gave him dialysis Wednesday, Thursday, and friday to remove the fluid from around his heart and lungs apparently dialysis dehydrates your body from the water they remove and even more so in his case an I guess the cramping is quite painfull sooo I agreed to let him skip dialysis and brought him home his next schudeled day it Monday and they did get a lot of fluid removed. he is doing OK he is so thirsty from the dehydration that all he wants to do is drink so I got him chewing on ice chips this seems to help with the thirst and slows down on the water intake I could just not see any sense in fighting with him and forcing him to do dialysis and to be quite honest I don’t see how I can force him so that was that he looked real good today but lost a lot of weight due to the 3 days of treatment in a row.
Again my truck want’s to cause me grief I came home around 5:00 from Watching the game with Dad I had to get gas and a few things from the store so I came in and did a few things I had to do for school and just relaxed a bit to watch some more Football,Bertha started to fuss to go out and I aways check before I let her out because of a skunk I saw outside the other day don’t want her to tangle wth one of them LOL that would stink LOL Literally, anyhow i noticed my dome light was still on that is all I would have needed a dead battery in the morning so I went and slammed the doors a couple times but it still stayed on so i got my keys and started it up and then it went off I know the problem is probably on the latch inside the door that is going to be a nightmare to change.Only 3 days of school this week then 5 whole days off I can’t wait.
Enjoy Life
Tim 😉