Thanksgiving Day

Finally some days off Wednesday was a waste at school we just sort of ate all day well I guess you really can’t consider that a waste I did get about an hour of work done in lab we all brought in something I made deviled eggs I was not too sure how many to make so I bought 2 dozen eggs and made them all that came out to 48 eggs LOL I learned that in Algebra X(12)(Y)= 48, X= how many dozen, Y= how many deviled eggs from each egg, 48 was not enough everybody loved them and they went really fast I only got one but that is fine I am glad they were so popular anyhow enough schooling, yesterday was in the 60s I was actually sitting out on the porch last night around 9:00 but it is going downhill now it is 39 degrees and it is getting quite blustery out the weather says snow later not a lot I hope because I want to get a lot of work done outside this weekend.
It is almost 9:00 so I am going to go get a shower and head down to Mom’s for the day Dad is doing as well as can be expected I am just thankful he is here for another Thanksgiving so we will be eating or I should say pigging out on turkey and ham and all the trimmings and watching some serious Football. Happy Thanksgiving to all
Enjoy Turkey Day
Tim 😉

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  1. I am not even going to cook. It is a waste of time to cook for one lol. My daughter made plans to eat at her friends house so no reason to get any special food. I am almost finished with this computer now. What a pain. I just have to find someone who has my last files I sent out to send me a copy and I will only be out the emails for 6 months and pictures for the last two weeks. I did back them up on dics a couple weeks ago. I thought I did my other work too but nope. TOO LAZY. You have a blessed and very Happy Turkey Day. Thank you for your comments.


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