The Day after

Thanksgiving was great we ate so much and there was tons of leftovers for me to bring home I have been eating off and on all day I did not want to over do it because Crissy and I had plans to go out for dinner but she just called and cancelled I hate going out to eat by myself and the Chinese place we usually go to is at the mall so I would imagine it is packed so I guess I will just stay home and finish off my leftovers.
I had a lot to do today but did very little I let all my leaves go till now and there is nothing worse than raking wet leaves I have 4 big maple trees in my front yard so you can imaging how many leaves are laying down there now I did about 1/3 of my yard and quit I figured I can work on it more tomorrow before noon.
When the company I used to work for shut down instead of taking all the networked computers they just took the hard drives and said to throw the rest away such a waste so I took a couple and with an old hard drive I had I put one together it was not the best but it worked and I gave it to Mom she knew nothing about computers LOL Now she is hooked we are going out tomorrow and having lunch then she wants to get a new one so I told her I can hook her up it will still no doubt be crowded tomorrow with the holiday shoppers but we will get that job done then I will get it all up and running for her.
Enjoy Life
Tim 😉