Just My Luck

This has been a pleasant vacation for me it is Sunday night and I still have one more day off , I spent some time today cleaning up the yard I have 2 piles of wood on either side of the driveway one side just needed split and the other side needed cut then split but since by brother still has not brought the splitter over I decided to combine both piles and cover it up with this big tarp I have so I finally I have my driveway back later down the road if he brings it over I can just uncover it and will split it then, but for right now I have plenty split and stacked on the porch.
Yesterday I took Mom up to Staples for her new computer and we got it all set up and running but as my luck would have it today it would only stay running for about 5 minutes then shut down, I knew what the problem is, but Mom called customer support and they told her a bad CPU so she called Staples and they said bring it back and they will give her a new one she was really getting frustrated but she is OK now that she knows she is getting another one so that is the job for tomorrow I told her to go ahead and pack up the small parts and when I get there I will pack up the monitor and tower and we will get it taken care of…
Enjoy Life
Tim 😉

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  1. Hey Tim!!!….Sounds like things are going good…Well except for the whole puter thing- I hate it when that happens- especially with our old one it seems like it gets fixed and within the next week it’s broken again…ughhh lol…I understand how you may feel Tim with puters;)



  2. I have to say it bothers me to buy something, only to have to return it because it does not work. Well, I hope everything works good now. Have a great holiday season.


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