This week is finally Over

I am glad this week is over even though it was only 4 days it seemed like it was never going to end, I bombed the math test I was pretty disappointed I just made some dumb mistakes I finished the test in about 15 minutes but got hung up on the easiest question I spent almost ½ hour trying to figure the square root of –125 Duh I spent so much time on that stupid problem that I ran out of time and never got to double check my work Hence I missed 5 out of 25 that is just wrong. We had a test in NEC today I was a wreck worrying about it after bombing the math test I was relieved when I saw only 2 problems and they were a piece of cake Question # 1 I was to install a branch circuit for a 11.5 KVA rated Stove I needed to figure the minimum size wire, and circuit breaker and the NEC codes Real easy 6 AWG Wire and a 50 Amp breaker Codes T310.16 and T210.24. I was all smiles Question # 2; I was to install 12 Halogen, 500 watt each, lights outside around the pool and tennis court again the wire size, breaker and how many circuits and codes and how I would wire it. 4 circuits, 12 AWG wire and 20 Amp breaker I would install 3 lights on each circuit = 12.5 Amps per circuit Codes T310.16, and 240.4(D). I was pretty happy and saw a 100% coming but it seemed I was the only one with a clue the teacher was checking peoples tests and nobody was getting them so about 10 minutes before class was over he gathered them all up and said we were going over them today he was really pissed because we went over this stuff last semester and was quite upset that nobody was getting it so we had a stern 15 minute lecture about what we were to be learning and he said he was not going to grade this one but next week we were going to get another one harder that counted *sigh* just my luck.
On the brighter side Mom was still having problems with her new computer and called customer support they had her change some settings and now it is working just fine and she scanned a couple pictures and emailed them to me LOL she is becoming quite the Geek, Dad was feeling good today so they went to Hartwood Acres to look at the Christmas lights this is a good thing. Cris and I went out and had Chinese tonight I am still stuffed and finished for the evening
Enjoy Life
Tim 😉