Felt Foolish

I went to school Frday still fumming about that NEC test the teacher handed out the tests during Math class was pissing and moaning to Carl about how easy the test was and I missed 2 dumb question when James, the guy right beside me in lab asked how I did I went on and on about how I only got a 83% then I sked him how he did and he failed it I instantly felt really bad about acting so immature about it he is struggeling so much has 3 small kids at home works part time in the evenings and his wife works part time, I said no more about the test then during NEC class I find out 80% of the class failed, I feel much beter about my score
Cris bailed on Dinner Friday night so since bad eathr is moving in I decided to go ahead myself and go to dinner I figured if the weather turns real ugly like it is suppose to I might not get out much, Saturday Mom and I went out for lunch and went to K Mart to finish up Christams shopping LOL so was the rest of the world traffic was a nihtmare but I got it all done, and Mom insisted on gettin me a AAA membership as i drive s much to and from school sh feels much btter now and I do also and I really appreciate her concern.
After I took Momhome and watched he last o thFootball gam with ad I came home and watched “I Robot” Great movie, ThenI put a rost in the crock pot wit some Red potatoes and carrots, put it on low and went to bed, It smelled eally good this morning and now I am going to spend the day inside wrapping gifts and keeping the fire oin it is snowyand cold and just plain like winter out good day to stay inside
Enjoy Life
Tim 😉

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  1. Well, Hi! Good to see you again.

    I don’t do much in the way of shopping this time of year. Hate crowds! But groceries do need to be purchased.

    I don’t know what the NEC test is, but congrats on passing. Sounds like a zinger if most of the class failed. So double congrats!


  2. It is amazing how one perspective will change in comparison to others. I feel sorry for the ones that did not pass it. You have high standards for yourself, don’t feel guilty about that. I do think that you did a great job and under the circumstances, I would even say that you did a great job. Have very Merry Christmas. I went out to the mall for a hair cut today, WHAT WAS I THINKING!


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