French Vanilla Cool Whip

Finally Christmas vacation is here we only had an algebra test today I think I did OK other than that it was just more or less a day off we all brought in food and after third period we just ate and watched a movie “Spider Man II” then we got to come home at Noon, that made for a nice day. I finally had to break down and go to the store while browsing the isles I spotted French Vanilla Cool hip OMG is it good I don’t have nothing to dip in it so I am just going to eat it out of the bowl it came in it is delish.I figured I deserve the treat.
I watched this show called “Wife swap” there was nothing else on so I watched t actually it was pretty funny. I am not sure what tomorrow has in store for me I tink will check with Mom and see if she needs to et out to get anything I am all set for Christmas but Mom always needs somthing and think Dad has dialysis tomorrow he switches for the holidays, but if not I have plenty to do here need to get some bills sent in and I need to write a couple letters and the big thing is Iam going to build a fire out in the garage and uncover my baby and give her a good cleaning and wax and do the leather, charge the battery and get her all covered and snuggled in for the winter.
I hope everybody has a great and safe Christmas
Tim 😉

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  1. And Happy Holidays to you, too.

    You sound like a good son.

    I haven’t been reading you very long, so would you explain about your "baby"? A motorcycle? Antique car? Original T-Bird? And if automotive, why aren’t you riding it?

    Question questions questions.


  2. Hey Tim!!!!!!!!!…..Sorry I haven’t commented in a lil while, but have been busy with helping out with my dad….Anywho, sounds like things are going pretty good for you…Glad to hear it- I hear that wife swap show is funny too…;)



  3. You and your Cool Whip, man.. I remember a bit ago when you were over a barrel for some strawberry Cool Whip, which, by the way, I never could find.. Men and their Cool Whip will never be parted.

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