Last Entry of 2004

Christmas went by and was a good day for all except for the fact I was sick as a dog it started Christmas Eve and really got bad Christmas day my head felt like it was going to explode I could not stop sneezing and coughing it was horrible I took my gifts to Mom’s and my box of Kleenex and found a spot in the corner of the room to suffer Mom gave me some meds and I did start to feel somewhat better but still left around 5:00 to come home and suffer alone, it hung on for a couple days but finally it is totally gone a friend called Wednesday morning and needed help insulating his attic and the attic of his rental house since I was bored and needed to get out I went and helped my job was to keep the hopper full of insulation while it blew through a long hose and into the attic we blew a total of 35 bags what a long day then we went to eat after LOL I work for food these days, the next morning I was so sore but glad I finally got to put in a good days work for a change.
It has been great having all this time off I have been moderatly lazy this is the first time I can ever remember having time off during the holidays I was invited to lunch by an ex Co worker Thursday we had a good lunch and got caught up on all that was going on then I just hung around the shop to visit that was nice but I sure do miss it.
I am hope for the night spending New Years Eve by myself it is nice and quiet I was invited to one party but I politely declined I just don’t care to be around really drunk people and these guys started this morning so no thank you.
I spent a lot of time today reflecting on the events in my life during 2004 I realized the only bad thing was being laid off from my job and I started to list the good things that have happened and discovered the good outweigh the bad many times so I started to really feel good about things and am looking forward to a great 2005 LOL at least I can’t lose my job again so it will without a doubt be a better year.
I hope and pray everybody has a great and fullfilling 2005
Enjoy Life
Tim 😉

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  1. LOL,

    I think this is going to be a great year for you. I know that I sure hope it is. Keep up the great attitude and have fun. Work for food, Hey I am a great cook, I would offer you work but I can do most of it myself lol. But if you are in NC, you are more than welcome to a free meal, just sit back and enjoy, LOL. Happy New Year.

  2. Happy New Year Tim! How horrible to be sick at Christmas, but I’m glad you’re feeling better. I had a nice quiet New Years Eve, just me and S. I usually make a list of the good and bad too! But isn’t it nice to know that the good outweighed the bad?I wish you a happy and healthy New Year my friend! How is your dad doing Tim?



  3. Hey Tim!!!….It really does suck u were sick…It is going around here…Especially the stomach flu or virus whatever you wanna call it…I had it a few weeks ago and then my mom had it and then my cuzin Kenny had it and then my whole aunts house had it…Not good lol….Anywho, at least you had ur box of kleenex with ya that’s always good…Well check in with ya later- hope ur doing great now;)



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