Summer Like Weather

Strangest weather we have been having so far this year today it is 68 degrees and tomorrow the high is supposed to be 38 degrees very odd for January however I will not complain it has made for some nice driving for school I have Monday off so I am looking forward to a nice long weekend. School has been going good I am going to finish up my second entrance project tomorrow then 5 conduit projects then the end of this semester is January 31st I will be having February 2dn and 3rd off then we start into out third semester which will be all electronics and micro circuitry that should be fun. It is hard to believe I have been in school for 5 months already, but not the hard part starts I am only allowed 6 months of unemployment so that will end the end of February, I will be Ok for a while as I have put my severance pay away and not touched it but I will be more comfortable with at least a part time job because I am afraid that money will go fast and to save getting into a bind I plan on finding a job.

I did a really dumb thing last night I was helping my neighbor remodel his rental house and it was time for dinner so we went to the main house and in the kitchen there is a door in the floor to go to the basement and it was open and sure enough I stepped right into air LOL I felt so stupid I did catch myself but it dislocated my shoulder OMG did that hurt it popped back into place but the pain was terrible I acted cool about it like I did not get hurt and was so glad to get home and take a super hot shower and put some heat on it I did not sleep too well last night but as the day went on it started to feel better I really feel foolish I have seen other people take the dive so I knew it was there but I was just not paying attention….

Not much else going on I cleaned out my Chimney yesterday before I took the dive, and I have a good supply of wood inside to burn during the remainder of winter the long range forecast says cold cold and more cold but what are you going to do the weather in California looks a lot worse than what we have been having.

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

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