Winter is back

So much for summer like weather we have had it all this week snow and freezing cold Monday was just plain nasty drive to school I had to use 4X4 the whole way up and back but I did survive, now they are calling for a bunch of snow this weekend just in time for the big play off game, I am going to dinner with Cris after she gets off work and going to stop at the store for a few items then I will be all set, I have my firewood all covered and stocked up inside the snow blower is ready to go so I am all set to stay in and get some of my chores done.
School is good I only have 2 more conduit projects then final exams if I do well with them which I think I will all will be good then 2 days off and into semister #3 I find it hard to believe I have already been in school for almost 5 months only 11 months to go. I have a lot of work to get caught up on in business managment so this will be the perfect weekend to finish that project
Enjoy Life
Tim 😉