4 more days

Only 4more days eft till the end of semester # 2 I find myself remembering my first day of school like it as yesterday and here I have now beenthere for 5 months only 11 to go it is really going by fast my next semester is electronics that should be fun. Today I finished my last cunduit project so I am finished up witlab now there is only final exams I had a test in NEC on chapter 9 don’t think I did so well one queation really had me confused and still when going over it at home I still can’t find the answer it is no good to miss a question on these tests thre are only 5 questions and each is worth 20 points 10 for the answer and 10 for the NEC code I will see tomorrow.Weare goin to have our final test in algebra we were given 88 of the review questions for homework and bonus points I right now have 48 done but we have till Friday to get them done so it should not be a problem getting them done and i need the bonus points

Todays weather was much better it is 29 right now and no snow t speakof in the forecast so it hasbeen pretty good driving to and from school for a change, that driving in snow all that distance it the pits.

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉