Happy Ground Hog Day

My second semester was over Monday I was pretty upset with myself after missing a question on my NEC final Friday our final was in 3 parts 44 questions they were not too easy Thursday I did not know if I missed any I thought I had done OK then Friday the instructor graded them that is when I found I missed the third question which I was almost at the answer in the book it was right on the next paragraph but I ran out of time then the third part was Monday he gave us 2 periods then later he graded them I got them all right so I ended up with a 95% so as usual I have too high of standards I was pretty upset at first I am now happy with the 95% especially since I actually saw where people failed it and I saw a couple 68% that would really upset me, So 95 was good I am anxious to see my GPA for the second semester I may find out tomorrow. It has been nice having 2 days off I went to apply for a job today that was advertised in the paper for a part time repair person for a retirement home however the position was filled yesterday but it got the jitters out of my system it has been 23 years since I have had to look for a job.

Our weather has been so nice and even though the Ground Hog saw his shadow it was beautiful and the long range forecast says the rest of the week is going to be warm and they are even calling for 50 degrees Sunday Maybe just maybe I might go for a ride the battery was dead in my bike I had the alarm set and forgot about it and it killed the battery so it is charging right now I hope it is going to be OK a dead battery will freeze in the winter and there is no heat out in my garage so the battery might be junk, I was going to bring it inside but I get so involved in my studys and life in general I tend to forget some things I am going to try to start it here in a bit if it took a charge I am going to pull the battery and bring it inside and give it a nice long trickle charge inside where it is warm.

I am really burning through the wood I am working on the last row I am going to be pretty low by the end of February I have a large supply but it is not split or cut but if I run out I can split enough to get me through..

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

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