Happy Valentines Day

I can’t believe February is almost over 2 more weeks and it will be March even though we may get some bad weather in March still it will not last long and Spring is not too far away and I can’t wait soon it will be bike season. I have been having thoughts here lately about selling it, I made a list of my priorities financially to try to get through these next 10 months and unfortunately the bike is at the end of the list. Not that I want to sell it but my house is at the top of the list, next my utilities, then food and then my credit cards and last the toy which is my bike I will see how things go. I figure I can always buy another after I find my ideal job.

We have begun the third semester it is electronics interesting but hard right now we just covered Semi conductors. What I realize you can’t catch up on 40 years of technology in just the 10 weeks we will be in electronics, but it gives a good basic understanding and something good to build on. I am thinking right now, electronics is the field I want to get into.

I went to eat with Cris Friday night I enjoy our Friday nights out but that will soon end I just can’t afford to buy dinner every Friday night. Mom and I went to lunch Saturday and then we went shopping, after we got home she gave me a big meatloaf she had cooked for me, damn is it good I have been making sandwiches and trying to make it last.

My cold has been trying to come back I never really did shake it 100% but these last couple of days it has been dragging me down. Last night I actually went to bed at 9:00 and slept really well. I totally forgot about the Pro Bowl game, and I wanted to watch that too being the last football game for quite a while

We got our second semester grades and I got another 4.0 I was shocked as much as I struggled with Algebra but I guess I pulled it off I am thrilled, but now I see how I needed that tech math in electronics. That is it for my life for the time being I have a big test so I am going back to the books.

Enjoy Life
Tim 😉

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