Long overdue update

It has been way too long since I have updated I have to stop that since this is the only record I am keeping of what is going on in my life, last month Dad was back in the hospital twice the first time was not too bad but the second time was the bad one it was when we had our last major snow storm. He was in for almost a week they had to put a tube in his lungs to drain excess fluid out it worked for the time being but now he is so weak the worse I have seen him I go down almost everyday to visit and help him out of the dialysis van and into the house he seems to really be going downhill fast he can hardly walk it is hard to watch this happen. On the good side if there is any he is quite mentally alert but it is just his body is giving up.
School is going real well I blew off one of the days when it snowed real bad the roads were horrible so I stayed home and here the next day was just as bad but I made it fine, electronics is becoming more and more difficult my last test I got a 93% so many formulas with and now with the transistors and amplifiers we are studying it is almost overwhelming, but I will get it I come home and rewrite my notes so they are easier to understand I have to write them so fast in class that by the time test day comes if I misunderstand something in my notes I miss it on my test so I think this should help on the next one I am half way through electronics and once this semester is over school will be half done
I love March winter is now over it is still cold but you know it will warm up the sun is a lot warmer and almost all the ugly snow is gone I am still burning wood but it won’t be long till that is over and done with which will be fine with me I can’t wait to sit out on the porch and have my morning coffee. I can’t believe I am actually looking forward to mowing my grass I need the sun and warm winter has lasted way too long here.
Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉